Periwinkle - Illumination Ground Cover

Scientific Name: Vinca minor 'Illumination'

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The Vinca Minor, Illumination's Mature Spread is 1 - 3 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Moist, Mature Form Spreading, Growth Rate Fast, Sun Exposure Full Shade - Partial Sun, Flower Color Blue, Fall Color Yellow, Green, Foliage Color Yellow, Green, P Size Blue or Purple, Zones 4-8.

The Vinca Minor 'Illumination', produces near continuous foliage changes. Spring growth emerges chartreuse then brightens to golden yellow. Each yellow leaf is edged with a grass green margin. Later in the year plants turn to cream on attractive pink stems. Direct sun will prematurely bleach foliage. Blooms in late spring and continues sporadically through the summer. Flowers are Dutch blue, 1 inch wide for high contrast against foliage.

Dramatic alone in hanging baskets for long golden tresses. Ideal foliage accent for color pots too. In the garden use as a spreading groundcover to brighten shade gardens. Beautiful cascading down slopes, banks, walls and curbs. Pest and disease free. Herbaceous perennial.

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