‘Chameleon Plant’ Ground Cover

Scientific Name: Houttuynia cordata

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The Chameleon Plant's Mature Spread is 4 feet, Soil Type Widely Adaptable, Moisture Wet, Growth Rate Fast, Sun Exposure Full Shade, Flower Color Green, Red, Yellow, Fall Color Variegated, Foliage Color Green, Red, Yellow, P Size Mixed Colors, Zones 5-9.

The Houttuynia ‘Chameleon Plant’, Houttuynia cordata, is one of the most popular ground covers around. Small white flowers appear from July to August, but sometimes hard to see because of its foliage. It is an extremely hardy ground cover and easy to grow but can become very invasive. Being similar in shape to English Ivy, it features boldly variegated leaves of red, pink, white, green, and yellow with a plant height of 15”.

Houttuynia requires light shade and needs a consistently moist soil in a well-drained area. They have a fresh, somewhat citrus-like scent when crushed. Use Houttuynia ‘Chameleons’ as a ground cover, in rock gardens, with water plants or in scented gardens.

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